About me

The Experience

From getting to know you and your love to making sure you're completely
prepared for our time together; my goal is to make sure we're relaxed and having fun. We'll smooth out the details, together. 


No studios, I want to capture where you live, sleep, and have coffee. I love helping scout locations and I'm here for every step of our planning process.

Whether it’s a small session in your home or a celebratory shoot out in nature, we’ll create a comfortable setting for beautiful and natural shots.


No awkward posing or cheesy smiles. I'll get the traditional shots when needed, but your story is more than that. I want you to look back on these photos and remember how your love feels now, in the small, real moments. My style focuses on the true, unposed, natural version of yourself. 


Gordon b. Hinckley

"Love is meant to be an adventure"


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