New York Backyard Wedding

Charlotte and Russ’s Backyard Wedding in Charlotte’s Childhood Home

As a New York City-based photographer, I often find myself immersed in the urban rhythm of the city that never sleeps. Yet, I am so excited when I have the privilege of stepping into more intimate and heartwarming settings. I was so excited to capture the magic of Charlotte and Russ’s wedding in Charlotte’s New York childhood backyard. I loved capturing their love that spanned through the years and brought them back to where it all began.

Charlotte and Russ have known each other since childhood. Their paths intertwined in high school, where they briefly dated before life led them in different directions. Years later, fate brought them back together. They decided to embark on their new journey in the very place where their story began – Charlotte’s backyard.

Charlotte got ready for the day beside her bridesmaids and sisters in her childhood bedroom. There was so much nostalgia and the air was filled with the scent of memories. The bridesmaids decided to make their own bouquets and it was beautiful to witness.

Charlotte had made a sweet ring around her bouquet as a tribute to her mother. She wanted to ensure her presence and love lingered throughout the day.

The first look between Charlotte and Russ was nothing short of sweet. They shared a moment where they got to reminisce on all of the wonderful memories they had made together. Against the backdrop of Charlotte’s childhood home, they were so excited about where their future will take. Inside the house, Charlotte’s bridesmaids eagerly watched Charlotte and Russ’s tender moments. Their voices carried through the windows as they witnessed the couple seeing each other for the first time.

Charlotte radiated elegance and grace. She wore a stunning and classic JennyYoo gown and veil. Charlotte remained steadfast in her gaze on Russ as she walked down the aisle arm in arm with her dad. Although her veil kept falling off during their ceremony, she focused on the significance of the moments they were sharing. They took their time and took in their friends and family surrounding them on the beautiful lake.

The inclusion of handmade flowers added a distinct touch to their ceremony. Charlotte wanted to reflect the commitment to infusing authenticity and individuality into every aspect of their wedding. These flowers that adorned the ceremony space symbolized the couple’s dedication to creating a personalized day.

After the ceremony was over, there was such a joyful nature in the air as they celebrated with their wedding party. They danced and hugged each other and it filled my heart with love. All of their personal elements showcased a deliberate effort to make every aspect of their wedding truly matter.

One of the most poignant moments of the reception was when Charlotte and her dad danced together. They had co-written the song themselves and it was such a tender moment. This intimate collaboration transformed the dance into a shared expression of their bond, intertwining music and emotion. The song served as a soundtrack to a chapter of their lives and was such a special moment to witness.

We then went on to celebrate Charlotte and Russ’s love by drinking and dancing the night away. This day was filled with poignant memories, shared laughter, and the rekindling of a connection that had stood the test of time.

It was an honored to capture all of the emotions during their wedding day. Every frame echoed with the sincerity of their love story. In the heart of a childhood haven that overlooks the water, Charlotte and Russ embarked on a new beginning, surrounded by the echoes of their past and the promise of a beautiful future together.

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