HAPPY SPRING FRIENDS!! We are so excited to be feeling that warm air finally and wanted to talk about some spring wedding trends we are starting to see this season and how you can implement them into your wedding!


Oh how we love floral trends! We have seen bright florals the last few seasons and we are excited to say they are here to stay this season! This bright floral arch was one of our favorites from Sydney and Randy’s Soho Wedding last spring.

We are also loving ground arches this season. We saw this start to become popular in 2022, but we are seeing these this year too! This is such a great idea to give dimension to your ceremony set up without worrying about florals covering anyone’s faces or being too distracting. At Grace and Daniel’s wedding, we loved how it helped to highlight the couple more. These low florals also do not take away from the gorgeous lake view behind the ceremony. This design was also very flexible and we were able to move them around and use them in the reception space.


This is the era of short and fun party dresses! We are seeing so many brides decide to wear a fun and flirty reception dress to dance the night away in! It adds such a fun element to the night and allows the bride to be comfy and have a second look!

Here are some great ideas if you’re looking for a reception dress!


This season, color is back! We are seeing colorful wedding gowns more and more and we love this trend! For the non-traditional bride, there are so many fun ways to play with bridal wear. Whether you decide to have a trendy sleeve moment, floral designs, or a pop of color in your wedding dress, this season the non-traditional brides can get their pick from so many fun options! We’re in love with this Teuta Matoshi lavender dress from Alex + Alif’s wedding. We love it when brides don’t take themselves too seriously!


Many brides this season are choosing to not have a bridal party and we love it! We have seen either not to have a bridal party all together, or have their bridal party sit down instead of standing at the front of the ceremony. We love this because it allows all guests and bridal party to enjoy the ceremony and take in the moment! This is definitely a good idea for the laid back bride!

We can’t wait to see how you implement these spring wedding trends!
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xo, Elsie
Bride and Groom spring wedding day with florals on a lake