SoHo Engagement Session

This week we’re highlighting Alex and Bardo’s winter engagement session in SoHo!
We went all over SoHo and they were troopers in the freezing cold New York Winter!

When planning their engagement session, we talked about so many locations in New York City, but we ultimately chose SoHo for its neutral color palette and iconic architecture.

SoHo Adventures

We started walking down some iconic streets and we were stunned by the gorgeous iron black storefronts. Alex wore my scarf while we walked around because it was so cold and we kept hopping into little stores to look around and chat.

Subway Adventures

When we passed a subway station, Bardo confessed that his favorite NYC activity was just riding the subway to different stations. I immediately knew we had to stop here and he seemed really excited about this subway moment. It made me happy to capture this sweet moment!

We kept walking around and found ourselves at the iconic Balthazar and this turned out to be some of my favorite moments. It feels so genuine, nostalgic, and so New York.

Washington Square Park Adventures

We made our way to Washington Square Park, which is one of my favorite NYC shoot locations. As we were walking around SoHo, I learned so many cool things about Alex + Bardo’s love story.

They are both students at the University of Cincinnati and love traveling to NYC together. They have been dating for over 5 years and got engaged the day before they left for a weekend in NYC so they took this sweet time to celebrate!

I love seeing the dynamic of my couples and how they get more comfortable with me and each other as the day goes on. Bardo is super shy and it was so cool to see their dynamic and how Alex brings him out of his shell and they both feed off each other’s energy.

Warming up with a drink at Dante’s

These slow moments are usually some of my favorite moments of engagement sessions. I love really getting to know my couples while doing the things that bring them the most joy, like riding the subway in NYC and indulging in delicious drinks from Dante’s.

This was such a special day to share with Alex and Bardo in SoHo. We took our time and warmed up when we needed to. I love days like this when there is no rush. This is such a contradiction to the normal busyness of New York. It’s so special when I can view my city from this slower perspective and capture the most tender moments.

Thank you Alex and Bardo for letting me share in these special moments in SoHo celebrating your engagement with you!

Stay tuned for more precious love stories like this in NYC.

In the meantime, feel free to say hi and connect with me!
Let’s get a drink together at Dante’s!
xo- Elsie

Man and Woman walking in SOHO during their engagement session.

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