Tips for Getting Ready on your Wedding Day

Getting ready on your wedding day is one of my favorite parts of the day! I’m excited to share some tips for a smooth wedding morning! Whether you’re getting ready together or separate there’s something beautiful, traditional, and symbolic about getting ready for such an important moment. I always feel really special being there. I’ve put together a few tips on how to make the most out of your wedding morning surrounded by all the people you love.

Tip #1: Allow buffer time

One of my biggest tips for getting ready on your wedding day is to allow for extra time in between your “to-do’s”. I like to allow a 30 minute buffer for hair and makeup and an hour for getting dressed. You may not think it will take you an hour to get your wedding dress on, but consider how rushed and stressed you might feel getting to your ceremony if you’re running late. Stressed is never a word I want you to think of on your wedding day. Nothing happens in 5 minutes, especially on a wedding day. With extra time you can remain relaxed and allow for the morning to flow.

Tip # 2: Have your details ready

I always love starting with details. The week of your wedding, take a moment and get everything in a small box for me so that they are all in one place when I arrive on your wedding morning. While you’re finishing your makeup, I’ll be working on these. I take these somewhere where I have plenty of light and room and put on some music that totally sets the tone for the day. I love playing with invitations, jewelry and creating interesting flatlays. Detail photos are something you will value long after your wedding day is over. This might not be your favorite photo a month or a year after your wedding….but with some distance from the day, you will be happy the earrings your grandmother gave you were captured and the invitations held by people you cherished during that time.

Pro Tip: ask your florist to include extra blooms I can use in the detail shots.

Tip #3: Keep a room clean for getting dressed

When everyone is getting their hair and make up done in the getting ready suite, things can get messy quickly. You can get an extra room and keep one free of clutter for getting dressed. Make sure you pick the room with the best natural light. A good alternative to a bridal suite is renting an Airbnb. It will ensure there is plenty of space available that will allow you to relax and be present on wedding morning.

Tip #4: Touch base with your partner

It’s nice to take a moment to connect with your partner in some way after you’re finished getting ready. I find it really important to create these points of connection, even though you’re getting ready separately. Write letters, exchange gifts, have a first touch, FaceTime, etc. I find a lot of my couples find themselves missing their partner the morning of, there are no rules. Connect!

Tip #5: Do whatever you want

Rolling off of my last point, do whatever the hell your heart desires. Get ready together, have coffee in the morning, take the shot before the ceremony, do your own makeup. My most special moments have been when people just do whatever resonates with them. There’s no script or Pinterest photo we must get so take time to just relax and take in the slow moments of your wedding morning.

I hope these tips for getting ready on your wedding day help you relax and take in the slow moments as you get ready for the best day!
I would be honored to walk through these moments with you as your wedding photographer.
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