Best Brooklyn Engagement Session Locations

I love shooting in Brooklyn because it tends to be less busy than Manhattan and you can get some really incredible skyline views. It’s perfect if your schedule only allows your session to fall on the weekends, because there are some super quiet pockets. Here are some of my favorite Brooklyn engagement session locations for your engagement session.

Brooklyn Bridge

Starting with the obvious, the Brooklyn Bridge is such a classic option for your Brooklyn engagement session. A sunrise session is a must to avoid crowds, but it so worth it. By coming just before sunrise, you will have the bridge and the city all to yourselves. This is also a great location that looks great in every season.


DUMBO is a great location to hit after you finish at the Brooklyn Bridge. It has incredible views of the NYC skyline. Brooklyn Bridge Park has everything from sleepy greenery pockets to cobblestone streets. I always like to stop in front of Jane’s Carousel or even better, get on it for a spin. This area also looks incredible at night during blue hour because you can see the city’s light’s twinkling in the background.

Couple holding hands with Jane's Carousel in the background in Brooklyn, NYC.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is another amazing location for your Brooklyn engagement session. The boat house is an amazing architectural spot, as well as other beautiful places. There are stunning bridges and wooded areas, and is typically quieter than Central Park, which makes it the perfect location to capture New York in the fall.

Park Slope

Park Slope, The neighborhood pressed along the Western side of Prospect Park, with quiet streets, cozy bars and cafes, and tons of gorgeous stoops to steal for a few minutes. This neighborhood is full of families and tends to be a lot more on the quiet side.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for a dreamy, romantic garden for your Brooklyn engagement session, look no further than the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It requires a permit (which I obtain for us) but is one of the most beautiful places in Brooklyn. Unique flowers and greenhouses transport us to places like the desert, rain forest, or a charming flower garden. It is diverse enough that you can dress to the nines and have an elegant session here or keep it casual. Either way, this place will bring the magic to your engagement session.

The vibe of shooting in Brooklyn:

I love shooting in Brooklyn because instead of it being this big production of a shoot, it’s like I’m just taking a casual walk with my couples. We explore these neighborhoods together and each time I discover a different corner or cute cafe. I love starting my sessions at a bar or cafe to loosen up and chat and also get some really sweet shots of my people naturally interacting. I always send a list of bars and cafes in the area incase my couple wants to start there. It allows for me to start my sessions by capturing my people in a way that represents them.

Here are a few bars and cafes to check out for your session:

1. Westlight in Williamsburg for incredible city views

2. Bar Blondeau for incredible skyline views and a dark moody bar

3. Henry Public in Cobble Hill for a clean vintage feel 

4. Harlem Shake for vintage 1940’s decor and good burgers and shakes

5. ElNico in Williamsburg for chic cocktails

Couple kissing in cafe.

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Couple laughing on Brooklyn Bridge.

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