Vermont Lake House Wedding

Allie and Michael’s Vermont Grand Isle Lake House Wedding

Allie and Michael’s wedding day at the Grand Isle Lakehouse in Vermont was nothing short of magical, filled with genuine moments and breathtaking views. Join me as we relive the joyous celebration of Allie and Michael’s union.

Allie and Michael chose the picturesque Grand Isle Lake House as the backdrop for their special day. Nestled in Grand Isle, Vermont, this historic venue overlooks the serene Lake Champlain and is now owned by Let’s Pretend Catering. The location offers a perfect blend of history and natural beauty. Their guests can either stay on-site or in nearby Burlington, creating an ideal setting for a wonderful weekend celebration. I love venues like this, as my couples often take advantage of the venue the day before, inviting me to document precious moments with friends and family. I love documenting these moments, as it creates a sense of camaraderie before the main event.

Grand Isle Lake House, with its wraparound porch, stunning views, and accommodating staff, truly speaks for itself. The historic charm of the venue adds an unparalleled atmosphere to the celebration. The in-house catering, provided by Let’s Pretend Catering, features locally sourced ingredients and a family-style dinner approach that adds a cozy touch. The venue’s rooms for guests contributes to a relaxing environment, making it an ideal space for a joyous celebration.

Bride and groom on porch of Grand Isle Lake House

One of my favorite aspects of Allie and Michael’s wedding was the authentic and unhurried nature of the day. Despite the pouring rain, the couple embraced the moment, creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Their engagement session at Shelburne Farms set the tone for their wedding day. Their wedding day continued with a sweet and simple first look on the front porch, raindrops creating a melodic background. Michael’s ability to calm Allie’s nerves before the first look exemplified their deep connection and set the tone for a sweet and smooth day.

Allie’s vows beautifully reflected on how meeting Michael and moving to Vermont changed her plans for the better. The rainy weather on their wedding day served as a poignant reminder that sometimes, unexpected turns lead to the most beautiful outcomes. After the ceremony, the rain miraculously stopped, allowing us to capture their portraits in the soft, post-rain light. It was a heartfelt reflection on how life’s twists and turns can lead to unexpected blessings.

Allie and Michael’s wedding was a testament to love’s ability to shine even in unexpected circumstances. The venue’s historic charm, coupled with the couple’s genuine joy and resilience, created an unforgettable celebration.

I am honored to have captured these precious moments with Allie and Michael!
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