Destination Wedding at The Ramble Hotel

Meg and AJ’s Destination Wedding in Downtown Denver

Before we dive into their epic destination wedding at the Ramble Hotel in Denver, I want to share a brief snippet of Megan and AJ’s engagement session in their home.

In Home Engagement Session

In the months before their wedding, AJ and Megan wanted to create some special moments to celebrate their engagement. I flew out to their home in Denver in May to celebrate their engagement and the anticipation of a new chapter in their lives. They envisioned an intimate in-home session, set within the walls of their first house. They wanted to create a special morning in their home, as it has witnessed the joys of their journey, including the forthcoming arrival of their first child.

Together, we transformed their home, shifting furniture and creating scenes inspired by the delightful details they shared through my couples quiz. We create a cozy environment where they could be themselves. They made waffles, which is a typically Saturday morning activity for them. They then curled up in each other’s arms reading Harry Potter together. At one point, they got up and started twirling in each other’s arms in the living room. We continued celebrating with throughout the afternoon. The air was infused with the effervescence of Aperol spritz, adding a touch of celebration to this truly special and memorable occasion.

Wedding Day: Getting Ready at The Ramble Hotel

Fast forward to several months later, and we are back in Denver at the iconic Ramble Hotel to celebrate their wedding. Megan and AJ were drawn to the chic ambiance of the Ramble Hotel in Denver. Its distinctive, dark atmosphere, setting the perfect stage for their celebration. Megan and AJ dated long ago and life took them on separate paths. They both said as soon as they got back together they knew it was for real this time. Their joy was palpable throughout the whole day.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the slow getting ready morning. Megan really wanted to cherish the getting ready process with her mom and her bridesmaids in the morning. One of the most unique and special things was that Megan’s best friend made her dress. I got to see the process happen and it was just incredible to see the love and dedication to making such a beautiful dress for a beautiful moment.

Ephie helped Megan get dressed in the dress she had made for her and it was such a special moment. Megan works at a bridal shop and helps people find their dream dress everyday, yet she still wanted her best friend to make hers. Megan truly embraced every moment of the morning. It was a joy to get to witness all the joy and celebration that morning.

The Sweetest First Look

After they were both ready, AJ and Megan met outside the hotel for the sweetest first look. AJ knew nothing about Megan’s special dressed and they were so excited and happy to see each other. We then ventured inside to the hotel bar and enjoyed a pre-ceremony drink.

Celebrate With Friends

After a few simple and quiet moments alone, we met up with AJ and Megan’s friends. We had a party dancing and celebrating outside the hotel. I love getting to capture glimpses of true friendship and celebration in moments like these.

Bride and groom and bridal party cheering
Bride hugging friends

Rooftop Ceremony

Finally the moment came for their rooftop ceremony, and it was a perfect ceremony. With the iconic I Wish You Were Here sign in the background of the ceremony, Megan and AJ couldn’t stop smiling throughout the ceremony.

Candlelight Dinner Reception

Megan had created a special vision for a candlelight dinner on the rooftop, and thankfully, the forecasted snow held off for them to enjoy this special evening.

With candles everywhere, and a tasteful abundance of florals lining the tables and on the ceiling, it made for a magical night to celebrate these two. Laughter and drinks flowed, as their family and friends told the best stories, and they danced all night long.

Megan and AJ crafted a truly incredible day that was the perfect example of two people doing exactly what they wanted for their wedding.

It was a joy to witness this day with AJ and Megan, and I can’t wait to create more memories for special people like them. Let’s capture your magic next.

Til then,

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